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Belled-end Fittings

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Belled-End Fittings are designed for the needs of:

  • pulp + paper industries
  • new construction
  • maintenance programs

The most convenient and cost effective alternative to:

  1. Thread Fittings and Sch. 40 Pipe
    • Eliminate the extra cost of using Sch. 40 Pipe just for threating
  2. 3000# S.W. Fittings & Sch. 10 Pipe
    • Considerable cost savings on fittings as well as improved flow characteristics
  3. Buttwelding Fittings and Sch. 10 Pipe
    • Easy fit up and welding allows you to fabricate 4 to 7x faster

Available in Stainless Steel, 6 “Moly,” Copper Nickel