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Bestweld Products Specifications and Information

  • Belled end SP-119
  • Brewery Quality
  • Class 200 Buttweld
  • Deck Drain
  • Extra Long Tangent
  • Long Tangent
  • Pharmaceutical Quality
  • Repair Couplings
  • Spin Flanges
  • Insert Flanges
  • Socket Weld Union

Long Tangent Fittings –
– Designed for easier installation
– 1/2″ through 6″
– Available in stainless, nickel alloys, aluminum, 6 moly and copper nickel

  • Plain ends –
         – Ideal for automatic welding (always weding straight to straight, extra piece for clamping and fixturing).
         – Can be flanged both ends without fouling (with rotating insert flanges, no need to align with bolt holes).
  • Belled ends –
         – Socket joint installs 4 to 7 times faster than buttwelding
  • Grooved ends
         – Rolled grooved for “Victaulic” couplings, eliminates welding.

Belled End Fittings –
– 1/2″ through 6″
– The most convenient and cost effective alternative to :

  • Threaded fittings and sch 40 pipe
  • 3000# S.W. fittings and sch 10 pipe
  • Buttwelding fittings and sch 10 pipe

– Eliminate the cost of using sch 40 pipe just for threading, enjoy cost savings on fittings as well as improved flow characteristics, fabrication 4 to 7 times faster with easy fit-up and welding.

Brewery Quality –
– Fittings made in accordance with ASTM A-403, ANSI B 16.9, and MSS SP 43. Full finished, annealed and pickled
– 1/2″ through 12″
– ID weld bead removed and free from ID surface blemishes. (ID surface not to exceed 100 RMS). Fittings are close toleranced (ovality, angularity and wall thickness) for automatic welding.

Please contact one of our account managers for more information on Bestweld product specifications and information.